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Why You Need to Stop Say This Phrase…

Once you have set your Financial Destination and you start driving towards it, slowly but surely, using your Financial Roadmap you will inevitably hit some roadblocks, or maybe miss a turn on your Financial Journey.

That’s okay, because if you are really committed to reaching your Financial Destination you will get back on track.

After all, you have decided that your Financial Destination is your priority and you have committed to getting there. That is a choice you have made.

If you wanted to, you could stop saving and instead spend your money on whatever else you want to. Splurge on that bag you have been eyeing off. Take that holiday. Have more nights out.

That is your business. It is your money and your life. It is your choice.

But you haven’t chosen to do these things. You have chosen to travel to your Financial Destination.

So I don’t want to hear you using the words ‘I can’t afford that’. You could afford it. But that is not how you are choosing to spend your money.

Stop saying ‘I can’t afford it’.

Start saying ‘I have other financial priorities right now’.

It seems simple, but it is a huge shift in your mindset. It will empower you, because you are making the choice on how you spend (or save) your money.

You are in control of your Financial Journey, so own it!

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